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Batch Add Microsoft Exchange 2016 exclusions to Windows Defender on Windows 2016

UPDATED for Exchange 2019!!! Batch Add Microsoft Exchange 2019 exclusions to Windows Defender on Windows 2019/2022 ( When you install Microsoft Exchange 2016 on Windows 2016 server it is suggested to add some exclusions to Windows Defender. Since the list is quite large, use PowerShell to add exclusions. Exclusion list can be found at SECURITY PRECAUTION  - Don't just blindly copy below commands and exclusions but check them. If anyone manipulated the below list on this site without my knowledge you will end adding exclusions you don't want to have. Run PowerShell on Windows 2016 Exchange 2016 server as administrator. Add Folder Exclusions Set-MpPreference -ExclusionPath $env:SystemRoot"\Cluster",$env:ExchangeInstallPath"ClientAccess\OAB",$env:ExchangeInstallPath"FIP-FS",$env:ExchangeInstallPath"GroupMetrics",$env:ExchangeInstallPath"