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Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 is out

Finally, long expected Service Pack 1 for Exchange 2007 is out. You can download it here: 64-bit version 32-bit version Release notes can be found here . To find out what's new in Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 read the following article from the TechNet

Exporting Client Access role (CAS) settings

A few days ago MS Exchange team published a script that helps you export CAS role settings. Usage of the script: .\exportcasconfig -cloneConfigData:"C:\CASConfigData.xml" -Key:"A9ABA4D2C21C4bc58B303EA47BBE3608" (32 byte string used for password encryption/decryption) -Key parameter is optional and is used in case there are any passwords that need to be encrypted. Script will export: Web.config files Registry settings Certificates Certain IIS settings not available from the Exchange Management Shell, such as Require SSL, Web Site Bindings, Certificate Mappings, HTTP Redirects, etc. The script can be downloaded from here . Related article:

Upgrading Dynamic Distribution Groups

Dynamic distribution groups These are distribution groups for which membership is based on specific recipient filters rather than a defined set of recipients. Dynamic distribution groups were called query-based distribution groups in Exchange 2003. Source: Microsoft Exchange TechNet library If you created query-based Distribution Group in Exchange 2003 it was filtered by using LDAP query language. Exchange 2007 is using OPATH as query language which is simpler to use than LDAP. During transition from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007, now called dynamic distribution groups, are not automatically converted to OPATH query-language. Query-based distribution groups work but if you want to see members from Exchange Management Shell or do something else with the group within Exchange 2007, you simply can't or the use is limited. So, you need to convert LDAP query language to OPATH. When creating new Dynamic Distribution Group in Exchange 2007, there are some conditions (filters

Microsoft Exchange 2007 Rollup 5 is out

On 26th of October 2007 Microsoft released Update Rollup 5 for Exchange 2007. There are 11 issues fixed in this update: The recipient information in an e-mail message incorrectly contains the character string "%40" in the address instead of the at sign (@) in Exchange Server 2007 Non-English characters in the meeting description field are replaced by question marks when an Exchange Server 2007 user opens a meeting invitation that was sent by a Lotus Notes user You receive a NDR message after you send an e-mail message that contains a .zip file attachment by using an Exchange 2007 Edge server The Conversation view is broken when the public folder is replicated between Exchange 2007 servers An e-mail message recipient cannot use a Web-based e-mail client to access an attachment when the message is sent by using Exchange 2007 The last instance of a recurring meeting request is missing when a mailbox is migrated from Lotus Notes to Exchange 2007 The E