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Installing Android Remix OS in Virtualbox

If you want to install Android Remix OS into virtual environment follow this steps: Download Remix OS for PC from Extract the zip file Open Virtualbox Name the virtual machine and choose Linux 32 or 64-bit and select at least 1024 RAM (see photo 1) Create 8 GB or more disk (photo 2) When machine is created go to Settings and choose Storage from the possible tabs Click on a CD disk icon in the left window and then again click on CD icon on the right under Attributes and select Remix OS iso image you extracted from the zip file (photo 3) Start the machine At the initial screen you need to hit TAB On the options line hit space INSTALL=1 (photo 4) Once there select Create/Modify Partitions Don't use GPT (photo 5) Create New Primary partition and make it Bootable (photo 6) Select WRITE to write changes to disk When finished select first disk Format it as ext3 Install grub (DO NOT INSTALL GRUB EFI) It will install Remix OS. Don&

Flying in the Clouds

©  Unknown I’ve been seeing the above picture lately (not mine © is unknown). Many people shared it and whenever I saw it I was surprised how naïve it looked in a way. Why? Because of uncertainty. Moving your IT away from the company’s premises is double edged sword. As from the above picture, cloud computing indeed saves you lots of ongoing costs but let’s take a dive into what your costs can look like if you live in an unstable environment. Many countries’ economies suffered from year 2007 on, suffering which started as a real estate balloon boom in USA and was followed by collapse of many European economies. Globalisation at a glance, where a boom in USA made many across the globe go down the same path. Many companies went down, disappeared, divided, sold their business etc. Let us be one of the troubled companies. Every single one of us first tries to cut down the expenses when in financial trouble. Right? We see the problems arising, sales are low, revenue is lower