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Exchange 2010 SP1 – prerequisites information

Before installing Service Pack 1 for Exchange 2010 there are some updates that need to be downloaded and installed first. Service Pack 1 installation will inform you that hotfixes with their appropriate KBxxxxxx numbers should be installed. When you open the links in Microsoft’s web site, you will find out that multiple files exist and it is not quite clear what file to download. I suggest you look into this table provided by MS Team.HotfixDownloadWindows Server 2008Windows Server 2008 R2Windows 7 & Windows Vista979744
A .NET Framework 2.0-based Multi-AppDomain application stops responding when you run the application MSDN
or Microsoft Connect
Windows6.0-KB979744-x64.msu (CBS: Vista/Win2K8)
Windows6.1-KB979744-x64.msu (CBS: Win7/Win2K8 R2) N. A. 983440
An ASP.NET 2.0 hotfix rollup package is available for Windows 7 and for Windows Server 2008 R2 Request from CSSN. A. Yes N.A. 977624
AD RMS clients do not authenticate federated identity providers in Windows Server 2008 or in Windows Vista. Wit…