Install Docker on Microsoft Windows 2016

Microsoft Windows 2016 supports Docker engine, running containers natively on Windows. To install Docker on Windows server you need to run:

  • Install-PackageProvider -Name NuGet -MinimumVersion -Force
  • Install-Module -Name DockerMsftProvider -Force
  • Install-Package -Name docker -ProviderName DockerMsftProvider -Force
  • Restart-Computer -Force
After that run:

# Open firewall port 2375
  • netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="docker engine" dir=in action=allow protocol=TCP localport=2375
# Configure Docker daemon to listen on both pipe and TCP (replaces docker --register-service invocation above)
  • Stop-Service docker
  • dockerd --unregister-service
  • dockerd -H npipe:// -H --register-service
  • Start-Service docker

Microsoft images for Docker are available here


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