Adding additional e-mail address to Exchange 2007 public folder

If you want to add additional e-mail address to your public folder in Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 (BETA!!!!) you open Exchange Management Console, select Toolbox and open Public Folders Management Console. On Public Folders - SERVERNAME right-click and choose Connect to Server... --> Browse and Select the server from the list. Under Default Public Folders choose the public folder you want to add additional e-mail address to and in the right-click menu choose Properties --> E-mail Addresses.

To add additional e-mail addresses to Public Folder in Exchange Management Shell (pre-SP1 and SP1) use following commands:

First, always check what is already in...

Get-MailPublicFolder -Identity "YOURPUBLICFOLDERNAME" | FL

You need to disable Email Address Policy for this Public Folder (like uncheck - Automatically update e-mail addresses based on e-mail address policy)

Set-MailPublicFolder -Identity "YOURPUBLICFOLDERNAME" -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled:$FALSE

Then add additional e-mail addresses...

DON'T FORGET - you need to enter ALL e-mail addresses this Public Folder will use INCLUDING all e-mail addresses that are already in.

Set-MailPublicFolder -Identity "YOURPUBLICFOLDERNAME" -EmailAddresses,,
FIRST e-mail address in the list is used as PRIMARY SMTP address. If you need to change that, use:

Set-MailPublicFolder -Identity "YOURPUBLICFOLDERNAME" -PrimarySmtpAddress


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